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As we move to an ever more digitally connected world, we see ourselves at the forefront of business processes through forming a community of quality and trusted virtual assistants that would help in innovating and streamlining the systems that will shape the future of the business and its clients.


We provide professional, economical, and efficient remote business support to all forward-thinking business owners and entrepreneurs . We accomplish this by forming a community of quality and trusted Virtual Assistants who are well-trained in a happy and supportive environment. 


Our goal is to help busy individuals and entrepreneurs  minimize operational costs and work efficiently without compromising quality. We want to make things easier for our clients, taking one task, one responsibility at a time, so they could focus more on things that truly matter.

We work with startups, entrepreneurs and small/micro business owners to free up their time by assisting them to identify administrative and mundane tasks which can be outsourced, allowing them to focus on growing their business. We also provide a wide range of specialist services such as Social Media Management, Property Research, Content writing and Transcription to name just a few. Anything that can be outsourced, we can help!

We aim to assist growing our clients’ business by providing real, full-time and long term employees. These employees (VA’s) are as good, if not better, than local-based staff. They just happen to be remote, in another country and can be up to 4 or 5 times cheaper.

Alternatively, our clients utilize our in-house team of experts should they not wish to take on their own staff. We have a number of packages, but also offer bespoke services.

We offer cost efficient solutions to our clients as we have highly skilled staff members based in the Philippines and Malaysia. OutsourcingMe was founded by Rizwan Ahmed in 2020 and is a UK registered Limited Company. 

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Rizwan Ahmed

CEO / Founder

OutsourcingMe was founded in 2020 by Riz Ahmed, who has been working with remote staff  (VA’s) based in the Philippines, Malaysia, India and Pakistan since 2017. He has a background working as a Technical Architect and project manager for global financial institutions in London. He loves automation and systemising everything to a degree which minimises his own time and effort, allowing him to explore new business ventures. 

Riz is a graduate of B. Eng Computer Engineering from City University, London, and also garners an Executive MBA focusing on entrepreneurship from Hult International Business School. He also attends a number of property investment courses and networking events.

As well as maintaining a full time career, Riz has built a property portfolio which he manages himself (well, his VA’s manage this for him!).  In 2017, he held 17 properties mainly in the UK, but also in Dubai and Toronto. He realised he got to a point where he could not onboard any further properties or venture into other business opportunities he was curious about or want to be involved in, such as Amazon (FBA) ecommerce and charity events. He was lacking the time and needed to make a change. This is when the idea of outsourcing came to his mind. So In 2018, Riz onboarded his first VA and has since onboarded a team of seven VA’s. 

Rizwan loves socialising and making people smile. He has a general interest in helping people. He has a broad knowledge of wealth building and investment strategies and has used this knowledge to set up a number of online businesses.

He lives with his wife and son in West London and travels regularly. But, wherever his wife goes, he has to follow. He is now in his 40s and checks each day if his hair has receded further back from his face. He enjoys doing hands-on activities. Riz likes Britney Spears and boy bands but would never admit this in public.