Ad CampaignSet of advertisements that aim to deliver a single message for a specific purpose or goal
Ad CopyMain text used in an advertisement
Administrative TasksDaily duties that keep the business operations going such as answering calls, appointment setting, etc.
BlogOnline journal that aims to share information, educate, sell, entertain, etc.
Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)The deligation of non-primary business activities to a third party.
Business BrandingCreating an image for your business as a way for customers to easily recognize your brand
CaptionBrief explanation or narration of an image, video, article, link, etc.
ClericalSee admininstrative tasks
CollaborationWorking collectively or as a group to create or produce results
Community ManagementFor Social Media, it is managing the existing and prospective customers sentiments and expectations. It is one of the strategies that Social Media Managers implement that includes customer service and reaching out to networks.
ConfidentialityKeeping things and information private
ContentMessage that is delivered in various forms or medium such as text, art, audio, video, etc.
Content WritingProcess of planning, researching, and writing web content for a specific purpose
Cost-EfficientSaving or spending less money by working in a better way
Due DiligenceInvestigating a potential investment or subject to verify facts and to support sound decision-making
E-BookAlso known as electronic book, a book made available in digital form
EfficiencyQuality of output vs Quantity of effort and expenses being put in
EngagementFor Social Media, it is the measure of likes, shares, and comments of a business with social media presence. It measure social media management performance, but doesn’t necessarily translate to sales
General Virtual Assistant (GVA)A virtual staff that provides professional administrative assistance to clients remotely.
InaudibleNot able to hear the audio
InsightsSocial media report that measures the effectivity of implemented social media marketing strategies
Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)A contract through which the parties agree not to disclose information covered by the agreement. An NDA creates a confidential relationship between the parties
OutsourcingA business practice that allows companies to hire another company or individual to perform tasks to support business operations.
Press ReleaseOfficial statement written for the purpose of being handed out to members of the news media
ProductivityMeasure of a workforce’ efficiency or conversion of inputs into outputs
Property ResearchThorough research and performing due diligence on potential investment properties to aid in sound decision-making
RemoteSituated in another location
Search EngineA tool on the world wide web that enables users to locate information that they need. Examples are Google, MSN, Yahoo!, etc.
SEOAlso known as Search Engine Optimization, it is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic through increasing the site’s rank in search engine results
Social Media / Social Media PlatformApplications and platforms that allow users to perform in social media networking activities by sharing content and engaging with one another
Social Media ManagementProcess of managing the company’s image and online presence on various social media platforms
Social Media Manager (SMM)Virtual staff who writes posts, creates graphics, creates content strategy that is suitable for business needs, answers questions and comments, creates insight reports, plans and implements ad campaigns, etc.
Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)A document created for VA’s to follow a step by step instructions to complete a task, sometimes also refferred to an Operations Manual (OM)
SubtitleCaptions or text dispayed within a video file that translates or transcribes the audio or the narrative
Task InventoryAn effective tool to determine which tasks can be outsourced to another individual or service provider. It includes listing down all tasks that are required to produce results including the skillset needed and time of performing the task
Technical WritingA form of writing that requires more detailed explanation or instruction on a specific subject matter
TranscriptionConversion of audio or video files to text
UnintelligibleAble to hear the audio but cannot understand what is being said
VerbatimAn exact repetition without changing the words. An example of verbatim is when you quote someone exactly without changing anything. Can be Clean or Full vertabim
Virtual Assistant / Virtual StaffA remote staff that is hired to perform specific business operations