The content you produce may make or break the message you are trying to deliver and worse, the image of your brand. Most businessmen are good writers with so many ideas to share. But writing takes a lot of time and you don’t just always go with your gut. 

It is often unheard of, but a fact, that writing requires good research to make sure that what you say is either factual or true to your values. Therefore, poorly written and researched content would negatively impact your credibility. 

Here in OutsourcingMe, we take pride in providing talented writers to do this time-consuming job for you. We will make sure that your voice will be heard and reach your kind of audience. Let our Content Writers allow you to focus your efforts and talents to areas (professional and personal) that matter most. 


– blogs/articles on different topics of interest that capture a wide or target audience

– may include news writing, personal blogs, travel blogs, interviews, research, etc.

– content on technical topics that often require in-depth explanation, direction, and detailed instruction

– requires thorough research to make technical topics easier even for newbies to understand

– content for business purposes such as press releases, reports, emails, user manuals, product specifications, etc.

– content that is primarily used to market products/services to a targeted market

– includes product or service reviews, direct/indirect product promotions, etc.

–  website copy, advertisement copy, taglines, and all other texts needed to sell products/services on print or online.

– writing or ghostwriting electronic books (e-books)

– per project basis

– requires more time and research than most content types

– content that requires more visibility in major search engines

– requires keyword research and using keywords properly within the content to achieve desired traffic or engagement


A Content Writer is a professional whose expertise lie in writing engaging and purposeful content online. They usually create blog posts, articles, e-books, ad copy, and other forms of online written material.

There are lots of ways your business can benefit from hiring a Content Writer:

  • You can move on to tasks that you are better at. Though you may know how to write blog posts yourself, it is time consuming and better off being delegated to someone else.
  • Content Writers research about the quality of content they are creating and this is appreciated by Google and other search engines. That leads to more traffic to your website/material.
  • A well written website stands out from a pool of poorly written websites.

Yes! Unless otherwise agreed by both parties, our writers will handover full rights to content as they are considered paid.

It is advisable to work hand-in-hand with our writers to get the quality of output that fits your needs. Therefore, as mentioned in FAQ #3, you get full rights over the content and you can edit/revise approve/reject the work of our Content Writers.

SEO Writing requires more time than all the other types of content. This is because it includes researching topics and keywords to be incorporated to the material in order to increase its visibility across different Search Engines.

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