Your meetings may need to be transcribed and documented. Your workshops, talks, seminars, would need to be transcribed and shared as resource. Your youtube videos may need captioning to cater to a wider audience. Office phone calls may need to be trancribed to catch client details more accurately. These are just some of the many ways transcription is needed in businesses.

Sure, you may use free speech-to-text services. And yes, you may also delegate this task to your in-house company secretary. But take our word for it– none of the aforementioned alternatives could match the accuracy, speed, and flexibility of an experienced transcriptionist.

OutsourcingMe’s Transcriptionists are professionally trained to produce accurate and high-quality output at reasonable rates. We will help you fullfill your business needs while you eliminate overhead costs.


There are lots of benefits one can get from transcribing files. Here are a few examples:

  • Time-Saving – you can save time looking for files by just looking for keywords in your database, rather than listening/watching to each one of them
  • Files are easily understood with full transcript and facts are better noted.
  • Higher Exposure – it is easier to search for transcribed videos online because search engines do not have the ability to watch videos or listen to audio.
  • Increase Accessibility. Transcribed materials are more accessible and respectful of all types of viewers.
  • Cost-Effective – having your work transcribed is often affordable, and for the value you are getting, is worth every buck.

We charge on a per length and audio quality basis. Feel free to use our transcription calculator to get an estimate. All audio and video files are subject to evaluation for quality checking.

Yes! The last time we checked, our transcriptionists are real, live people.

We avoid over-commitment and less delivery. You can discuss your project needs with our team.

We accept the most popular ones, including .MPEG .MP4 .SWF .MOV .AVS .AIF .AVI .MP2 .MP3 .MOV .WAV

We offer verbatim and non-verbatim transcription services at different rates.

We ask our employees to sign confidentiality waivers and NDAs for the protection of our clients.

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